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Hydrogenation, hydrogen manufacturing catalyst series

HT203 type hydrogenation dearsenification catalyst

HT 201-1 type hydrogenation catalyst is prepared through total impregnation technique by taking Co-Mo-Ni as active constituent and adding of special auxiliaries. It has features of high activity, fine strength, fine low-temperature property and high organic sulfur conversion capacity. It is suitable for hydro-conversion of organic sulfur in natural gas, oil field gas, coking dry gas and ligh toil in synthesis ammonia plant, methyl alcohol plant, carbon chemical plant and refining plant.

Appearance Straightness mm Length mm Bulk density kg/L Active constituent% Activity Compression strength End-use temperature ℃
dusty blue stripe or ball shape Φ3~5 4-10 0.65-0.85 Co-Mo-Ni organic sulfur conversion rate >96%
exit organic sulphur ≤0.1ppm
Working pressure (Mpa) gas space velocity (H-1) liquid space velocity (H-1) H2/ oil arsenic in raw material gas (ppm) organic suplhur in raw material gas or hydrocarbon (ppm) S content in raw material(ppm) Ci in raw material(ppm)
1.0-4.0 1000-3000 1.0-6.0 80-100 <100 100-200