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Sour Shift Catalyst Series

HB302Q low temperature shift catalyst

HB302Q type is prepared taking antitoxic and anti-low sulfur material. It has features of large shift capacity, low steam consumption, small heat exchange area, low entrance temperature, short technique process, long serve life and remarkable economic benefit. It is used in CO conversion of synthesis ammonia and city gas. Currently it has been used in hundreds of companies.

Appearance Specification mm Bulk specific weight kg/L Compression strength N/cm Active constituent End-use temperature (℃) Working pressure (Mpa) Working space velocity (h-1) Water-air ratio Gas sulphide content under wet processing (ppm)
greyish-green stripe Φ2.5-3.0×4-15 0.75-0.90 ≥50 CoO-MoO3 200-500 0-5.0 1000-3500(dry gas)
max to 6000(dry gas)
0.15-1.0 ≥200