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Detoxification and purification agent series

HT703 type normal temperature ferric oxide desulfuration agent

HT703 type normal temperature ferric oxide desulfurizing agent is efficient dry method gas normal temperature desulfurizing agent with powerful adaptation. It is applied in removal of hydrogen sulfide in various gases, such as, coal gas, coke-oven gas, liquefied gas, chemical material gas, marsh gas and carbon dioxide.

Appearance Active constituent% Size mm Bulk density kg/L Breakthrough sulfur capacity  % Degree of purification ppm Space velocity h-1 Strength N/cm
brown stripe Fe2O3>45 Φ4-5×5-15 0.60-0.85 ≥30 <1 normal pressure300-700
elevated pressure 700-1500
Temperature ℃ Pressure Mpa Content in virgin gas (ppm) Height-diameter ratio Aqueous vapour/virgin gas V Aqueous vapour content in inlet gas
5-40 normal pressure-3.0 H2S<200 ≥3 <1.5 saturated